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Wonderful Almonds - Nectar Drinks S.A.

Wonderful Almonds are the bite-sized snack you’ll love to savour. A great balance of crispy crunch and strong almond flavour, they’re harvested exclusively in our California orchards. Over 31.500 hectares of pistachio orchards More than 19.000 hectares of almond trees Wonderful Brands is part of ROLL GLOBAL, a consumer goods holding company with 5.400 employees and representing $2.6 billion in sales. ROLL GLOBAL is a privately owned company that was founded in 1984 in Los Angeles, California.

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Roasted and Salted

Roasted. Salted. Devoured. Deliciously dry roasted with the perfect pinch of salt, without any oil. And with their crispy crunch, these flavourful Wonderful Almonds are guaranteed to be popular at your next party, soiree, throw-down or snack break.


As blanched as they can be, but only the skin has been removed not the flavour. These all natural tasty treats are perfect for snacking in front of the television but also your most delicious cooking or baking experiments!

Raw Natural

We stole the recipe from Mother Nature’s cookbook. And that’s why they taste exactly the way Mother Nature intended. But just because they’re naked and raw doesn’t mean you have to get undressed to eat them.