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Wonderful Pistachios - Nectar Drinks S.A.


Wonderful® Pistachios from California are perfectly seasoned for a delicious flavour with a satisfying crunch. Sun-ripened and 100% naturally opened, we only offer the largest available nuts that are equally roasted - without added oil - thanks to our unique rotary roasting technique..
Wonderful Pistachios not only taste delicious, they are also a great allnatural, healthy snack alternative to fully enjoy while relaxing with friends and family or just by yourself. And above all, they are great fun to crack open!

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Wonderful Pistachios Roasted & Salted

Roasted to perfection with a touch of salt makes the Roasted & Salted variety irresistibly crunchy. Available in sizes and flavours to meet a variety of snacking needs.

Wonderful Pistachios Roasted No Salt

Pistachio flavour and nothing else. Pistachio lovers everywhere will appreciate the pure, natural pistachio flavour of the Roasted No Salt variety. Uniquely roasted for a perfect crunch, Roasted No Salt is also ideal for those on a restricted diet.

Wonderful Pistachios Salt & Pepper

Perfectly seasoned & deliciously different. With its delicate pepper flavour, the Salt & Pepper variety is sure to spice up every snack occasion. Perfectly seasoned, Salt & Pepper pistachios are made for those looking for new culinary experiences.

Wonderful Pistachios Sweet Chili

A perfect mix of sweetness, crunch and tangy chili peppers creating a slightly spicy and irresistible sweet chili-pistachio flavour.

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