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Chopin Vodka


The quality of Polish vodka has been recognized around the world since the 15th century when the production of vodka from rye began in Poland. Vodka, first mentioned in the Sandomierz Court Registry in 1405, has since become a Polish tradition.

The Polmos Siedlce distillery dates back to 1896 and produces a wide variety of products such as vodka, liqueurs, and creams. The tradition of passing knowledge from generation to generation makes the spirits produced by Polmos Siedlce some of the most esteemed around the world. Our distillery in Krzesk and bottling facilities in Siedlce are located in the heart of the Podlasie region, one of Europe’s healthiest and most unspoiled agricultural areas. The facilities are relatively small, but Polmos Siedlce is the only producer in Poland that controls vodka production at every step: from the purchase of raw materials from local farmers; distillation of these raw materials at the distillery; and blending, bottling, and finally sale of the finished products in our chain of retail stores. Full control over the entire process guarantees our consumers high quality and an assurance of authenticity.

Chopin Vodka was first introduced in Poland in 1993, and to the US market in 1997. Famous for its superb quality and packaging, Chopin vodka has created a new category of vodka – the “Super Luxury Vodka Category” – and has set new standards for others to follow.

In January 2003, this state-owned distillery and factory was privatized and is now owned by the Dorda family. The time-honoured tradition of high end distillation is proudly embraced, while the distillery also looks forward to the introduction of new products. All of them will have one thing in common: our spirits products are deeply rooted in the region, based on local ingredients and centuries of knowledge passed down through our local craftsmen.