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Domaine du Coquerel

  • René Gilbert Senior founded the Calvados Gilbert, known nowadays under the name of Calvados Coquerel


Expecional lands for uniques eaux-de-vie.

All our eau-de-vie are certified AOC and all our apples of apples are selected between the best varieties that the Normandy region has to offer.

All the orchard we have chosen to work with are recognized by the INAO (National Institute of Designation of Origin).



Cider production

“Maison Coquerel is still producing its Calvados in respect of the Normand tradition, yet using today’s technology.
The apples are washed and gravitationally floated to an elevator which takes them to a grating machine where they are turned into pulp. The pulp is conveyed to a press, spread out between two perforated sheets of metal and driven through two high-pressure rollers. The apple-juice thus produced is called the must. ”

“The apple juice is left to ferment naturally over several months as the sugar gradually turns into alcohol. It becomes cider.
It is only after this fermentation process that this cider can be distilled to produce “eau de vie de cidre” (apple brandy).”


A well-know maison.

Our Calvados are sold in twenty countries around the world and have been awarded over a hundred medals, including five times the grand price of honor from the French President rewarding the best Calvados cellars.