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Minuit Rose

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Minuit Rose is not exactly a rosé wine like any other. Minuit Rose is a Côtes de Provence rosé which secret lies in the Vendanges Nocturnes process that enhances greatly the quality and aromas of wine.

The Château d'Astros where Minuit Rose is elaborated has a long story in relation with the sky and stars. Some say that's even where its name came from.

This tradition goes way back to the XIIth century. The legend goes on to say that the stars from Provence give the grapes extra flavors and that Château d’Astros was named after them (asters).

Martin Maximin, early owner of Astros used to secretly meet his fiancée at night in the vineyards.

Maximin found the grapes so fresh and delicate at night that he decided to harvest exclusively at night from then on. The ritual has been going on ever since in memory of their early romance...

The harvest takes place at night, when the temperature is at its lowest in order to keep the grapes from getting damaged and to lock up amazing aromas which would disappear during day-time. These Vendanges Nocturnes as we call them are the secret behind such a delicate wine.

On arrival at the chai, the grapes go through a short period of pellicular maceration to extract as much of the aromatic character as possible from the grapes, before moderate pressing in a pneumatic press.
After cold settling, alcoholic fermentation takes place at a maximum temperature of 17°C for 15 to 20 days.

Made from Grenache, Syrah and Cinsault grapes, this delicate rosé wine features a lovely pale pink color with an aromatic nose of grapefruit.

On the palet, the wine is round, aromatic and well balanced.


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From the 12th century, the history of Domaine d’Astros has seen a succession of Knights Templar, Malta Knights and a prosperous Marseilles family.

“There have always been grapevines and Astros cellars...”

During the 12th century, the Knights Templar settled in the fertile Argens valley, the domain of the Viscounts of Marseille. They were succeeded by the Malta Knights in 1314 and under Philippe Le Bel in 1637. It was there, in the foothills, that they built a commandery. During the French revolution the crude construction was sold, along with the domain, as a national property.

Château d'Astros, a showcase of luxury with the fragrance of yesteryear. From the rear facade, past the generous shade of the pines, the new chais offers the face of a skillfully developed viticulture of which the wines are primed each year in the “Concours Général Agricole” in Paris and the “Concours des Grands Vins de Mâcon”.

From the hill to the Astros canal, the alluvial clay limestone opens its arms wide to the Château d'Astros vineyard. This is where a true wine of character grows, a wine with soft, velvety tannins.

A team made up of competent, passionate people use modern tools to capture the best of the vine, but always with an eye to tradition.

The vinification of Astros wine is entrusted to Patrick Galliano, a graduate of the Oenology department of University of Montpellier. This “aroma sensor” is adept at traditional low-temperature vinification.

The Minuit Rose Luminous Edition is the One & Only bottle of rosé wine with a micro-fibre label which enables it to light up like a bulb and glow in the darkwithout any source of external energy.

« We were thinking of ways to innovate and differenciate ourselves on our market. It had to be something creative and go hand in hand with the brand’s DNA.

Minuit Rose is a night-time wine after all, we thought it was about time it had the proper outfit to boast in the dark !

The bright & pale pink light the label reveals reminds us of those shining stars above the vineyards of Astros in Provence and how they make the grapes glow. », say the 2 founders.